Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bead Soup April 6th - Reveal!

Reveal day is finally here!

Shalini sent me this lovely bowl of bead soup.

And this focal which she wirewrapped herself.

Gorgeous eh?

Now, they are really not a colour combination I would have chosen for myself. But that's the whole point! When someonee lse shooses your pallette and materials, you have to think outside of your normal design patterns.

So I did!

There were some lovely little tibetan silver spacers in a generous bag of "extras" which Shalini sent so i started by putting them to good use.

I don't usually make multistrand pieces with two hole spacers, so figured now was the time to start learning.


And it's all mine! Mwahahaha! Ahem. I'm keeping this one for myself :)

With the wire wrapped pendant, how could I not choose a bit of wire wrapping for the necklace itself?



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