Friday, February 22, 2013

Bead Soup Blog Hop - The Soup I Sent

Here's what I sent to my swap partner Shalini

A handful of Swarovski disc crystals, 
Some metal glitterballs in various sizes, 
A length of silver plated chain which I seem to be obsessed about at the moment, 
Some Swarovski glass pearls 
and a magnetic glitterball clasp.

I decided glass was the way to go with this soup!

Shalini has received it, and has blogged about it

Just got to get photos made of the great soup she sent me when there is some decent light.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Love and light - Tanya's Blog Hop

I "met" Tanya through a couple of groups on facebook and started following her blog which is where I saw her "Beads for Blogging" feature.

The gist was that you applied to Tanya for some beads and then you blogged about them. I was one of the lucky people who was chosen to join in and got sent these lovelies.

And I made this necklace which I kept all for myself

I bought a few beads here and there from Tanya, as well as gorgeous semi precious bracelet which she made herself.

I'm not sure anyone needs to know the rest. hearing about her getting iller on facebook was so sad, and the shock of seeing the memo from her family that she had passed was more than words could say.

Love and Light blog hop: Remembering Tanya Boden aka Fusion Muse

For this blog hop, I decided to make something from something I had bought from Tanya.A beautiful briolette. As with all my extra special purchases, I was saving this for something special and figured this was the perfect opportunity. And once again, I'm keeping this one for me.


I've had the faceted amethyst rounds in my bead stash for a while and though that it was time to use them. And I treated myself to a beautiful Trinity connector.

Other people taking part are here:-

Solange Colling Ahowin Handcrafted Jewelry
Liss Silverwing
Cherry Obsidia
Rana Lea
Leah Curtis
Lori Anderson

Saturday, February 09, 2013

7th Bead Soup Party: Meet My Partner Shalini Austin!

I've been assigned my partner for  the Bead Soup Blog Hop party.

And despite it being a worldwide blog hop, I've been assigned a partner who is only an hour or so drive away. How exciting!

Shalini and myself both thought the same thing when we received our email from Lori letting us know who our swap partners were. We're sure we know each other from somewhere! A swap, a group or something but still can't quite put our finger on it.

But onto some details about my very talented swap partner.

Shalini is based in Stamford, Lincolshire and does Lapidary as well as making beautiful wire worked jewellery such as this stunning pendant which is in her online shop.

Just look at that amazing stone. And the gold wire work just sets it off to a tee.

Shalini also makes ornamental gemstone trees. Here's one she made from Rose Quartz. I think you'll agree that they are amazing.

Check out Shalini's blog and her "Meet my swap partner" post.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Woohoo! Art Bead Scene

Oh wow! I'm behind with reading blogs and have just noticed in  this months Art Bead Scene blog tour! with the cuff bracelet I made with Tan's handmade bead from The Swappage Emporium!

So chuffed!

My original post about it is at but here's the bracelet I made.

Plus Size Clothes Swap! - Nottingham!

Plus Size Clothes swap in Nottingham! All welcome. Size 16+ All genders. Spread the word!

Facebook event is


Saturday, February 02, 2013

Beetroot and Barley Risotto

I asked on my facebook page for what to make with the beetroot from my veg box and Allie from Allie in Wonderland suggested the Beetroot Barley Risotto recipe from Domestic Sluttery.

When dinner was still cooking an hour after our intended eating time, Grom did point out that they can't be that much of a domestic slut as they published a recipe that takes over an our of preparation and cooking time. We were hungry and we had the other problem to deal with.

Sometimes when I try out new recipes, they don't exactly work. in Horrific types of ways. I've thrown away meals or tried to struggle through them when they obviously went wrong. Grom is much better than I am. I usually end up with a sandwich but he struggles through them.

But it was ok!

I have to admit I tweaked the recipe a little bit. I just couldn't resist! I used fry light spray instead of butter to make it more slimming world friendly. And I used fresh mushrooms instead of dried as it is what I had in. But it was yum! We served it with Linda McCartney Rosemary and red onion sausages.