Sunday, April 27, 2014

Photo a Day - Saturday - Speed King Wrestling

Another trip to see some indie wrestling. This time the Speed King Championship in Nottingham.

Off to see X-Pac for his first UK indie match next month!

Photo a Day - Friday - Leopardprint Shoes

Needed to wear my comfy shoes to work. A busy week meant that I was standing all day every day so I dragged out the TUKs!

I used to swear by Clarkes shoes, but I've found TUKs to be way better these days. I have them in a few different flat styles and colours. The soles are rubber and quite padded making for a comfortable day.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Photo a day - Thursday - New Yarn Stash

I've been finishing UFO's this year and had come to the point where the coloured themed lap blankets I'm trying to finished have stalled as I'd run out of yarn in a suitable colour.

I was trying not to buy any more yarn as the thoery was to use some stash up, but had to buy 4 of these balls to finish 4 different blankets.

The other 2 are for a Yoda baby hat, similar but not quite the same as this one

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Butterfly Necklace

I'm still aiming for 100 items listed  in my etsy shop. I'm now at 77 due to this new necklace. Will I make it before the end of the year?

Photo a Day - Wednesday - Broad Beans and Harvests

 My broad beans are still alive! Not looking as good as everyone elses but it is my first year on the allotment after all isn't it?
My first Rhubarb from the Allotment, along with some parsley

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Commission Finished - Jasper Necklace

Remember this dress fabric that a customer has shown me and asked me to make a necklace to wear with it?

Delivered last night! And quite scarily, matched the trousers the lady was wearing exactly too!

Matt Jasper, Petrol Swarovski pearls, Rose Quartz

Photo a Day - Tuesday - Dates

Has anyone noticed that I've had to start putting the day in my photos a day title, and lost track of the number. i think I much have blogged twice one day but really can't figure it out due to playing catch up a few times when I took photos but couldn't get to a computer.

Anyway, today's photo is fresh dates. I've never even seen them before, let alone tried them. Very weird. tastes like dates but the texture of an under-ripe nectarine. Maybe I need to wait for them to ripen more?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Photo a Day - Bank Holiday Monday - Sourcing Beads

The things you do for fellow crafters! Someone was looking for wooden beads to use as a head on a cotton reel person and I found these in my stash.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blue View

Photo a Day - Easter Sunday - Secret Santa

My Easter Secret Santa present from the Bookcrossing UK yahoogroup.

A brilliant haul! I was very lucky.

One wishlist book, plus 2 other quick read books. A selection of herbal tea bags, a Press and foil kit, some seeds, a brooch, post it notes, notepad, a sticky bug...

Photo a Day - Saturday - Reduced Roses

We did the supermarket shop on Good Friday and found lots of reduced items. I couldn't resist this bunch of roses for 75p!

Photo a Day - Friday - Geocaching Find

Finally found a geocache that we had been to look for previously. I use my phone instead of a traditional GPS and for some reason it really didn't like the location we were in despite there being no tree coverage.

Photo a Day - Thursday - Bead Soup Goodies!

Finally took photos of the lovely bead Soup that my swapping partner Lori sent me all the way from Canada. how funny that we sent each other art beads from the same artist here in the UK *laughs*

Great minds think alike!

She sent me a few extra goodies too!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Photo a Day - Pub Quiz

It's Thursday. Must be pub quiz day!

The view from our table. Very pretty flowers.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Photo a Day - High Cross Shopping Centre

Photo a Day - Allotment Again!

I've put an end to raised bed number 2.A piece of wood I found on my plot held in place by some broken garden cane.

I planted some purple podded peas out and made a zig zag through the canes with some yarn.

Photo a Day - Knitting

My current knitting project. Log cabin patchwork style.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Plant Indentification

Thought after I heard about my neighour throwing away all her strawberry plants by accident, I'd see what these were before I touched them. Any ideas?