Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Pumpkin of the Year


I can't remember what type of pumpkin it is. Maybe winter squash, but it sound hollow when I tap it, so apparently it's ripe!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Getting Stuff Done - Crochet Time!

The shop is plodding on in the hands of the solicitors. I'm trying not to get too excited as I know that property sales fall through all the time. but I am getting excited despite my best efforts not to.

So to keep my mind otherwise occupied, I'm sorting out my craft stash, decluttering, and finishing items off.

I've been using up a little yarn that has been kept under the stairs in the living room for a while now. I like keeping some crocheting on hand as I find it very calming.


I've been making good progress with his granny square blanket but I really think it needs a spot of yellow. CanI find any? No!
I'm going to ask G to see if he can see any as I really don't want to have to buy any more craft supplies and there is so much yarn in the house that there should be some somewhere.
SO I'm going to move on to the next project to get finished whilst he has a very well deserved lie in. (He spent the day at a craft fair with me yesterday)


These are partly ade brooches which have been lieing on the living room floor for a few days, ever since I emptied the bag out in apanic as I was on an emergency crochet hook hunt. Please say other people do that and it's not just me!