Sunday, May 27, 2012

Busy Bees, Bookcrossing and Bulk Sales


So busy!

I've booked tickets for me and Grom to go to the Bookcrossing Unconvention in Colchester. I haven't booked a hotel yet but we have tickets for the weekend and the ghost walk.

I've listed some wholesale listings on my etsy shop. Feel free to pimp them out to anyone you know who might be interested in buying in bulk
I went to London for the day on Saturday. I went to Covent Garden and then to a bookcrossing meet in Westminster. Then after that has a wander to Portobello market in Notting Hill. I bought a lovely dolls house tea set that I'm going to make some jewellery with.

 Made a few bracelets today which was nice, and planted some of my courgettes out into the garden.

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