Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fusion Muse - Beads for Blogging Have Arrived!

I've been so busy lately with one thing and another that I haven't had a chance to update about the Beads for Blogging challenge that Fusion Muse is running.

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Free Beads for Blogging

My beads arrived!And here they are!

Is it just me who likes to take a photo of the packaging?


And here come the beads! What a selection! I'm going to have to have a good think.

Obviously the photos of the items for sale are much better than my offerings.

Mother of Pearl Rounds - Candy Coloured
I had no idea what these were at all when I opened the packet. The colours are so vibrant. They reminded me of additive full sweets from when I was a kid.

Pink Dyed Coral
I have to admit to not knowing what this was too! I love trying out new things. I think these are my favourite bead from the selection I received. but it could also be the larger faceted beads to the bottom right of the photo too.

I look forward to using them. Thankyou.


  1. Can't wait to see what you do! What's the focal, by the way?

    I loved the packaging too. Mine had a Thai stamp with an elephant on it - awesome!

  2. I'm not too sure. I think it might be black agate though.