Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Finished Project! - And my Secret Santa Present

A while back I started another blanket in my usual style but this time decided to go for a smaller version.

I usually make them double bed sized in one piece so they are a pain in the bum when they start to get heavy in summer as they are very warm! But here's a smaller lapghan sized one that I finished on Sunday.

I took the photo last night in the garden.


A closeup of the detail. I love to use up scraps with one of these style blankets :)


And yesterday was also the "Back to school Secret Santa Swap" on Bookcrossing UK yahoogroup mailing list. Quite appropriate for me really since yesterday was my first day back at work after my holiday.


What a cool gift! As well as a wishlist book for G (I add books he wants to read to my wishlist so occasionally he gets a present as well as me) there is the Kitchen Garden which has the history of the English Kitchen garden and details of 130 different vegetables.

And also:
Some bookcrossing labels
A purple pen
A bookcrossing stamp
Some card blanks
A 2013 diary
An ink pad
And some stickers!


  1. Awesome goodies and the blanket looks great.

    1. Cheers :) The present is an ideal gift for me.

  2. Love love the blanket - how easy is crochet to learn? I can do basic knitting but have never tried crochet

    1. I learnt years ago from a website so it can't be that hard :)

      There are plenty of youtube clips too.

      Although do be aware that american and british crochet terms differ. They use the same word to mean different things a lot of the time so you need to know the origin of the instructions/pattern to be successful.

      (eg. Treble crochet is a crochet stitch just like purl is a knit stitch however it's a different stitch is you are working on an english pattern, to an american pattern.)