Thursday, October 02, 2014

Big Updates

So I've been a rubbish blogger lately as it was pointed out to me earlier this week. And it's true but I have a great excuse. I'm not full time self employed and have m allotment too! As well as having a regular stall on a local market, I'm off out at fairs, events, carnivals and festivals most weekends and some weekdays too. And you know what? It's the best thing ever! I have to admit my boss is a big of a slave-driver. (Ie I'm a workahoic who doesn't slow down for much whcih makes me quite tired all the time) but I love it and I took the plunge at the perfect time for me. So there's my confession and I'd love to have you follow me on my journey.


  1. Life often wrecks the plans of even the most dedicated bloggers, just good to have you back.