Friday, December 30, 2011


I'm not sure what the beading equivalent of the knitting term "froggit" is, but that's what I've been doing recently. I've got a lovely Bead Soup mix that I've made up but nothing seems to be working with it.


I've tried two freeform peyote necklaces. With the first attempt I had a strop at and pulled it apart to start again. Then next just didn't hang right at the front. This time it's a bracelet. I left out the bugle beads as I thought that might be affecting it's flow, but still no good.

This is the final incarnation before I took it apart yet again. I wonder what it will eventually turn into?



  1. It'll get there in the end. Those are lovely colours :)

  2. I think they are lovely too. I'll put it to one side for a bit and have a rethink.

  3. Do try some cubic right angle weave! You'll love the look. OR try the Izzy and Lucy bracelet project by NanC Meinhardt - it's a lovely and relaxing bracelet to make and each one is completely individual! Gorgeous colors!

  4. The izzy and lucy bracelet looks just amazing! but the CRAW looks intriguing. I might just have a try. Cheers!