Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Round and Round We Go

Since I saw a Cellini spiral beaded rope I've been intrigued as to how they work. I'd asked a few people who said they were really complicated so have put them off for a long time but since I've been playing with seed bead netting, I figured that now was the time to learn.

I'm not a huge fan of instructions, partially as they generally don't make any sense to me at all which lead me passing them to G for him to figure them out and then showing me how it works which takes up his time and annoys me as I get so frustrated.

I like figuring out how things work, making up the instructions and then learning from the mistakes I make which in turn teaches me how the process works properly.

I did find some instructions on the web which actually made sense though at Bead and Button.

As usual, I didn't actually follow the instructions, I changed what beads I used, and didn't make a bracelet, or include memory wire as instructed, but I'm so pleased with what I have made!


Can you guess which one I made on Christmas day morning?


And an obligatory blurry arty shot



  1. Very nice. They remind me of scoobies!

  2. I've just done a google image search so I knew what you were talking about, and yes, you're right! :)