Sunday, February 19, 2012

Patchwork Bookmark

5I love recycling waste materials into items that are usuable again so when I saw the Recycle Me Swap1 on Swapbot I joined in.The dark purple material used to be my favourite skirt. In fact I had two identical ones as I found another in a charity shop years after I bought the first and had virtually worn it to death. It was my standard going to a night club mini skirt. Indian embroidered fabric dyed in a gorgeous royal purple.

I'm still using parts of it in projects now and again. So far I can remember making a book cover from it as well as using it in this bookmark.

My clubbing skirt lives on!

I had a browse for photos of my wearing the actual skirt but no luck. but I did find this one of when I used to be out nearly every night!

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