Monday, October 01, 2012

Swap Shop Blog Hop - Sign Ups

I've got a  few readers now, but not that many, and I have a house that is overflowing with stuff I've made. So wondered if anyone fancied a trade?

I figure other people are in exactly the same position as me so am seeing if this idea works as a blog hop!
  •  Let me know you are in so I can make the blog hop list :)
  • Write a blog entry with 5 items you would like to swap. This is a specific handmade swap shop blog hop. You can include things you have made that you would like to swap, or supplies to make handmade items.
  • Include where your shipping preferences are. Are you willing to ship international? Or prefer to your country only?
  • Include photos of your items in your post so people can see what you want to swap
  • Give some idea of what you are looking to trade for.
  • Post your Swap Shop Blog hop on October 28th November 3rd (including the blog hop list) 
  • Start hopping! You might find some present for people for Christmas from other talented Artists or Craft workers.
  • If you see something you like the look of, comment in the blog entry you saw it in.


  1. Lovely idea. I'll join in if I can make some lovely things in time!

  2. This sounds like so much fun, but there are 40 of us doing a blog hop on October 28th. If you could do it a week later or before, I'd be in. Here's the big October Fest Hop, Sarah:

    1. I've just changed the date. Thanks for letting me know :)