Friday, June 21, 2013

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

I noticed this blog hop today and figured I just had to join. My beads stash is now getting quite overwhelming so figured I just had to join!

You know those extra special beads that you are saving for just the right project. For the perfect piece for a special occasion? Now is the time to use them.

Wear the nice dress, burn the pretty candles... And make a piece of jewellery out of those gorgeous beads you have been saving for the perfect project.

Anyone else joining me?

The blog hop takes place on July 20th. Come back then and see what I have made.


  1. I will come back and see the creation you made.
    You must be make a pretty one.
    I wish I could collect some beads and make some too :)

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  2. Growing up, I had a real soft spot for beads of all kinds. When I hit college, I put the beading habit away and got new hobbies. I got back into making beads last year, but I suck at making them, and don't have a torch, so I'm not actively making beads right now. Probably a good thing, I have so much stuff to do it's not even funny.

    Stephanie - Follow me #12

    1. I'm so tempted to get a torch but think I might be too much of a scaredy cat

  3. I have signed up too!
    I have no idea where to start though because I will get buried under my stash whatever I plan to do :-) I am such a hoarder!

    1. I think I'm going to start with my resin making kit, or the golf leafing, or maybe my handmade bead stash. So many options! *lol*

    2. I have loads of Kumihimo braids I made ages ago... No I have lots of Tibetan Silver... Actually I need to use up those tumblestones...

      I give up! ;-)

    3. Gosh yes! I haven't tried the kumihimo either! I bought the braiding discs but never got round to it