Friday, March 07, 2014

Magnificent 7th: Sports Relief

This is my first time taking part in the Magnificent 7th although I have been following various bloggers who take part for a while now.

The theme for this month is "Sports Relief" and Beth said that it could be twisted anyway that we wanted to.

I decided that since I am a bit of a wrestling geek and am off to Nottingham on Saturday to see Southside Wrestling, I would choose an outfit that I would be happy to wear to a wrestling show.

First mention has to go to the t-shirt. After seeing it on a few blogs I just had to have it. I chose the slash neck version as sometimes normal t-shirts feel a bit claustrophobic on me and this one is just perfect and shows a bit of shoulder too. It's available from for £13

The leggings are standard black leggings from Tesco. I saw them reviewed by Rachel on and was tempted away from my Evans staples as the bargain price of £6 was too tempting and they are lovely.  I can never find a size 26 in Tesco so I order them online and have them delivered to my local Tesco to save having to keep an eye out for my size. And postage free too if you collect them!

I haven't stopped wearing my shoes since I bought them a couple of weeks ago. They are Size 6 TUK pink leopard print creepers. So comfy!

A special mention has to go to the lipstick. When I went to the Nottingham Plus Sized Clothes Swap a few months ago, someone brought along lots of lipsticks. I was in heaven! I took along lots of clothes that no longer fitted be and picked up lipsticks in every shade of red and pink. This one is Rimmel 054 Soak.

And how can I mention wrestling without talking about the gorgeous Jessie Kresa? She wrestles under the name ODB and is a beautiful healthy plus size woman in comparison to the other ladies whoa re quite a bit smaller in stature.

This is how she looks in her ring attire.

And this is how she looks on fashion shoots.

Thanks for joining me for my first Magnificent 7th blog entry, and feel free to pop along to see how everyone else interpreted this months theme.

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