Monday, March 03, 2014

Photo a Day #61 - UFO Challenge

I decided to join the "Something Old Something New" challenge to see if I could get some of my UFOs completed.

I started off with this sorry lot.

 What miserable photo!

I managed to get 3 out of the 4 completed which I'm very happy with and will be plonking them ceremoniously into my box of craft fair stock.

 That looks a bit better doesn't it!

I finally finished sewing the brooch back onto the felt brooch.

And I dealt with all the ends on the beadwoven bracelet and finished it with a clasp.

And I was extra-specially good and put a clasp on the necklace which has been lieing around for an age!

As always trades always welcome. I have a wishlist here. Feel free to add me on facebook too if you fancy. New friends always welcome.


  1. i am terrible for almost finishing pieces of jewellery, but then leaving them claspless or whatever for months and months!

    1. Me too. if I'm making something to fun, I drop everything when a custom order comes in and it sits and sits waiting. Sounds like this hallenge is perfect for you too!