Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Single Vegan Cookbook and A Prize!

I go so annoyed by a book I was reading the other day. Whether it just touched a raw nerve or whether it was as offensive as I found it, I'm not sure.

I'm not really one for religious debate, and don't really have a religion as such, but I like to learn about different ideas.

But the author said that being overweight is as much of a sin as being a drug abuser in the eyes of God.


And then I stopped reading the book as I couldn't face it any more.

But I guess it did the trick in a way as it got me cooking healthier food again. I have a  stack of vegan cookbooks all lined up with ingredients bought for meals this week. I'm not actually vegan, just vegetarian who really needs to cut back on the cheese as I love it but it doesn't love me.

So for Sunday's dinner we had the first recipe from this cookbook.



Not too bad at all. I was quite impressed by the smoked tofu. I've never really liked tofu unless it's been cooked, but this stuff was great! I haven't eaten meat for years so my palette is totally off when it comes to what meat tastes like. but this reminded me of pepperami with a non-grisly texture. Smooth but smoky. I think I'm going to try it on a sandwich next as we have half the pack leftover from the recipe.

And in other news, I won a competition!

Remember the Toolbox challenge blog hop I took part in for Fathers day? Well Skye blogged about how successful the blog hop was and I have won a prize!

I'm sure I'll blog about it when it arrives!


  1. yum! I am jealous lol well done :) x

  2. Cheers! I'll show you them when they arrive. I'm curious to see the faceted beads.

  3. Personally, I could never go vegan or vegetarian because I love meat too much and I crave it a lot! We do eat quality meat though and I have no issues trying new things like tofu, so I'd say it evens itself out :)

    I can't eat cheese either so don't feel bad; causes too much inflammation.

    Congrats on winning the bead challenge!