Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thrift Store Blog Hop

I was at the Charity shop yesterday to buy some supplies to make some more thread wrapped bangles for my shop as I only have a couple of them left now.

And whilst I was at the store I realised how amazing some of the stuff there was and how fun it would be to turn some of the finds into jewellery. You can choose whatever you want as long as it is in budget from a thrift store. You can buy a piece of jewellery and take it apart, or a piece of clothing for the buttons or fibres, or something else. Just use your imagination.

So here's my blog hop challenge.

Thrift Store Blog Hop

  • Sign up for the Blog hop here leaving your name and your blog website address
  • Go to the thrift store/charity shop and buy an item for less that £1 ($1.50 approx at at the moment)
  • Take a photo of the item when you get home 
  • Take an "in progress" photo
  • Take a photo when you have finished making your item
  • And blog about it on Saturday August 4th.
Don't forget to include links to everyone else taking part in the blog hop so that we can all blog hop together :)

Participants so far:-
Sarah -
Deb -
Kimberley -
Skye -
Ambra -
Beti -
Emma -
Shelley -
Tammie -
Leah -
Denielle -
Keri Lee - 
Rochelle -
Pam -
Ingetraud -
Audrey -
Julie Anne -
Sharyl -
Micheladas - 
? -
Kala -


  1. I'd love to do this! I'll be in another state for the month of July and will be doing some thrift store shopping and garage sale shopping as well. Count me in!

  2. I'm in. I love checking out my local thrift stores for finds :)

  3. I have a charity shop right behind my place. Never went there, but this will be a good reason.
    Count me in!

  4. Oh I have to do this. This is my Thing! Thanks for the invite!

  5. Ooops almost forgot (actually did forget)

  6. Oh yes, just found the perfect thing for $1.99 Canadian so I thought ok I'll use half, BUT then discovered I had a 30% off card - score!!
    I'm in!

  7. What a fun idea, I would like to try too. Thank you for hosting.

  8. Oh this is a good idea - design on a buck-'n-a-half! I'm in!

  9. I'd love to sign up! Here's my blog

    Is it ok to blog at each stage (once when we get the item, in progress, and the last time for the reveal)? Or should we blog once with the three photos?


  10. Ooh, I want to join! How fun :)

  11. I would love to do this! Please sign me up. Keri Lee Sereika -

  12. A blog at each stage is fine if you would like to, but it would be nice to have a link to each of the stages in your final blog so everyone can see your progress with the item you bought :)

  13. I'd love to join!

    - Rochelle

  14. Love to!

  15. I'm in. I go to flea markets and garage sales often. Last weekend I found a lampwork pendant on a sterling silver chain for $3.00. If I don't find anything else in the next couple of weeks I will use just the pendant.

  16. Hey now girls, don't have a party without me !

  17. I am SOOOO in...I get my best stuff at thrift stores.

    Julie Anne

  18. Great idea and the price is so right! I'd like to participate too! --Sharyl McMillian-Nelson ~ Sharyl's Jewelry

    Sharyl's Jewelry & Reflections:

  19. I signed up on facebook. I'm making it official!Count me in. My blog is

  20. I would love to join in...

  21. Hi, I'd love to join in - I'm new to blogging and well I'm not really sure how to find my blog address *cringes in embarassment* ... thankfully not so new to jewellery making though lol =)

  22. I'd love to join in this blog hop. I just went treasure hunting with my best thrifting mate and found a ton of pieces to deconstruct that were all $1 each.

  23. Good luck to everyone taking part! :)