Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Photo a Day - Sunday - Butterfly Brooch

I failed miserably to take a photo of the fair I attended today. It was at Portland College which is "A vibrant national college for people with a wide range of disabilities."

It's great fun to go to as the student take their parents along to the event, and some carers take around kids and grown ups in wheelchairs to go shopping. Having it at the college makes it a great accessible shopping centre for the students and also a good day out for families. At Christmas there was a Scottish bagpipe band. I wondered what they were going to do this time and they had a fairground on the playing field outside and a local football club playing shoot-em-out with the kids.

At the fair I realised that I was running low on bead embroidered brooches, despite recent additions. This one just needs a brooch back sewing on the back too.

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