Friday, May 09, 2014

Photo a Day - Wednesday - Pub Night!

Wednesday was our monthly night our to the pub with friends.

I also use it to pass on thins that I have saved for other people, and they do the sale for me. I try to give away more than I receive but failed miserably this month due to their generosity.

I took a bag of cookbooks for a friend who works in a school who is a chef.

I also took her a little oregano plant, and a bay tree cutting that I have managed to root from another friends tree. That took some doing! But it has over-wintered and now has new growth.

But I received 2 bags of clothes to rummage through. The majority of which will go to a womens shelter that another friend works at.

2 bags of plant pots, as I am running low and they were decluttering theirs.

A bag of kitchen tupperware, flan dishes and casserole dish. I broke one the other day by taking it to work with my dinner in and dropping it on the concrete floor. I justified it in my head that at least I had eaten my dinner and it saved on the washing up.

And of course, there is G in the background too!

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