Friday, June 13, 2014

On the Bead Mat Today!

There comes a time when you have to retire certain items in your inventory. I made a gorgeous necklace a long time ago and for one reason or reason or another it never sold.

I didn't put it out for sale often,
 It needed to be work to hang right
 It never looked right laying in a box

But then other reasons for it being taken apart.

My skills have progressed
I prefer a different style of headpins (These with a much thinner gauge wire)
I don't really have anything of this style on my stall any more

So it's being turned into a turquoise sea inspire charm bracelet. Much more my style. I even have little fishie charms to add to it at the end.

And speaking of retiring things, i think my bead mat might have had it too. Looks like I've spilt something on it at some point. I wonder if it will survive the washing machine again?


  1. I always say I'm going to alter some of my lesser used jewellery but never seem to get around to it! These beads look very well suited to a sea inspired piece and I look forward to seeing the finished article. I cant believe I didn't realise you could put a bead mat in the washing machine! Mine could definitely do with freshening up but I was planning to replace as I was concerned it might go bald if I tried washing it!

    1. I figure once it gets to the stage where i would just throw it in the bin, I'm not losing anything if I throw it in the washing machine and it disintegrates. It was going in the bin anyway *lol*

      I'd recommend a wash that isn't too hot through as it's synthetic and might melt.