Saturday, December 01, 2012

Goals for the week

  1. Survive the day job. It's going to be so busy!
  2. Book at least one stall for next year
  3. Carry on the secret masterplan
  4. Send more bracelets to Life's Big Canvas
  5. Christmas presents!
  6. Post bookmooch books
  7. Make Amethyst necklace
Not too bad at all considering compulsory overtime at work, very busy days and 2 nights out this week so far.

I've booked two stalls for next year. The biggie is a stall booking for a music festival. I'm so excited and a little out of my depth but I think that's a good thing. I have no idea how much stuff to make to keep things going. Any ideas?

The secret masterplan is going well. Got my half stone off certificate this week which was a nice mile stone.

The bracelets I sent to Life's Big Canvas arrived safe and sound which is good. You never know what Royal mail is going to get up to at this time of the year.

And I've bought and wrapped the majority of the Christmas presents And we've bought a teeny tiny tree and a poinsettia!

Still a few more bookmooch books to send out but hal a dozen gone this week which is great!

So here's the list for next week.

  1. Post bookmooch books
  2. Post swapbot swaps
  3. Make more bangles
  4. List bangles on Ebay (I'm going tos tart using my business ebay account again and see how things go)
  5. Survive the day job
  6. Keep going with the secret masterplan
  7. Christmas presents
And there we are.

 How are your weekly lists going?

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