Saturday, December 15, 2012

Goals for the Week

  1. Survive the day job
  2. List something on ebay
  3. Swapbot swaps
  4. Bookcrossing secret santa
  5. Use up some of the veg (I misjudged the size of the organic veg box and we are overwhelmed!)
  6. Tidy the living room
  7. Deal with the washing mountain
Not too bad. Only just survived the day job this week.

Didn't get anything listed on ebay but did get a few more bangles listed on Etsy. Is is wrong for someone who has always hoarder thing to use to want to just list a shed load of stuff on ebay to get rid of it all? The only stuff I want to keep is useful stuff I can use. Books I haven't read yet, craft supplies I want to use and the clothes I actually wear? I'm worried by the amount of stuff I want to get rid of. I'm worried I'll regret it when it's all gone.

Only 1 swap-bot swap left to send. I haven't signed up for any more swaps.

The living room is getting there but not quite there yet but there is improvement.

The washing mountain is getting there too which is good but not quite there yet.

Goals for the week

  1. Ebay!
  2. Swapbot
  3. Interview
  4. Christmas presents
  5. Tidy the living room
  6. Eat better
  7. Car insurance

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