Saturday, December 08, 2012

Goals for the Week

  1. Post bookmooch books
  2. Post swapbot swaps
  3. Make more bangles
  4. List bangles on Ebay (I'm going to start using my business ebay account again and see how things go)
  5. Survive the day job
  6. Keep going with the secret masterplan
  7. Christmas presents
Not bad this week. I'm up to date on all my bookmooch swaps whcih is a relief. I Still have more books to list but it's nice to be on top of my posting schedule.

I made a few more bangles which was quite handy as I was featured in a Christmas present gift guide this week! Check it out here!

This week was pretty manic but I'm doing a good job of surviving it despite the compulsory over time. I have some crystals to count at home this weekend too as we have lots of work on at the moment.

As for the secret masterplan? I lost 3.5lbs this week taking me up to 12lbs.

Christmas presents are getting there. I've already gifted 2 of them. 5 to go.

This weeks list

  1. Survive the day job
  2. List something on ebay
  3. Swapbot swaps
  4. Bookcrossing secret santa
  5. Use up some of the veg (I misjudged the size of the organic veg box and we are overwhelmed!)
  6. Tidy the living room
  7. Deal with the washing mountain
We're getting ready for Christmas, or more accurately, New Year as I really don't like Christmas. We've invited people around for New year whcih has enforced a deadline on us to get our house ship shape by then. It's going really well but the deadline has started looming.

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