Monday, December 24, 2012

Goals for the week

Goals for the week

  1. Ebay!
  2. Swapbot
  3. Interview
  4. Christmas presents
  5. Tidy the living room
  6. Eat better
  7. Car insurance 
Not too bad this week eh?

I only managed to get one item on ebay this week but that's better than nothing. And I emptied theb hanging space in my wardrobe of all the clothes that I wasn't sure I wanted to keep. I have a pile for getting rid of and a pile for trying to to double check.

Also I have a tentative lift to a plus size clothes swap in Leeds in January. Anyone else fancy going?

My swapbot swaps are all done and I haven't signed up for any more. If anyoen wants to do any trades just shout as I love them, but having to go to check on the website to see what dates were up and coming was starting to stress me out.

I still haven't managed to do the interview yet but I have got the questions and am part way though writing my answers.

The Christmas presents are wrapped apart from 3 of them so I'm classing that as a win :)

The living room is suitable for guests but just needs a bit more a clean to get it spick and span. We don't mention the spare room upstairs. We can just close the door on that room!

I got my 1 stone certificate at Slimming World on Tuesday! I have weigh in in an hour so we'll see what happens this week I am now officially under 20 stone in weight and am very pleased about it.

My car insurance is a bit of a mess, but never mind I'm insured. We'll sort out the mess after Christmas.

Goals for the Week

  1. Be calm
  2. Keep tidying and cleaning
  3. Don't mess up the living room
  4. Drink a bottle of wine on NYE :)
  5. Read a book
  6. Finish a blanket
  7. List a blanket

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