Monday, January 14, 2013

Goals for the Week

Goals for the Week:-

  1. Survive 1st week back at work
  2. Make item for blog hop
  3. Keep decluttering wardrobe
  4. Read a book
  5. Watch the Lovefilm DVD (Lovefilm or Netflix? Any opinion?)
  6. Finish the jewellery repair job
  7. Be Calm!
    So I managed to get quite a few things done, but didn't manage to post my list! Typical.
    I'm still getting there on things that need doing and have put our white boards back into full force. We have one which has goals for the year on it, one with goals for the month, and one with weekly jobs. And it's working! I read about the list method in a book but can't for the life of me remember which one it was. I have an inkling it might be "Eat That Frog" though.

Goals for the Week:-
  1. Keep up with finishing UFOs
  2. Keep cooking from scratch
  3. Pickle beetroot
  4. Read a book
  5. Go to Nottingham bookcrossing meet
  6. Keep posting things which I have promised to post
  7. Finish jewellery repair job

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