Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Year of Declutter!

We started this year off really well by decluttering the downstairs of the house ready for a New Years party, so on January 1st the house was in pretty good shape.

Since then we've kept the house in reasonably good shape. I've even been putting projects away before starting new ones!

Yesterday I went to Plus Size Clothes swap in Leeds which was so much fun. I took 3 bags of clothes along which either didn't fit properly or that I had got bored with and was always shuffling past their hangers in my wardrobe. I was so pleased to have the extra space. But woe is me, I came back with another 3 bags of clothes and shoes.

They are all sitting in the living room at the moment so I can show G what I came back with. I have never tried as many clothes on in my life in one sitting. My arms are physically aching. I figure I was browsing and trying clothes on for 3 hours non-stop! Afterwards we went out for a lovely Italian meal and Zizzis. I shared some tomato and pesto bread and then had some lovely spinach and ricotta not-meatballs with pasta. Yum!

Check out the photos here!

Are you decluttering this year?

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