Friday, January 25, 2013

Organic Veg Box

I've got fed up with all the special offers in the supermarket. In particular, Tesco.

I pick up a cucumber and see that is in the 2 for £2 offer, then spend an age looking for another item with the same offer on it only to find 2 for £3, 3 for £5 or a whole host of other offers but not the one I am looking for. *Insert Star Wars joke here*

So I looked into a local veg box scheme again.

I think everyone has heard of veg box schemes by now, but just in case, you can order a box of vegetables to be delivered to your house and they are generally locally produced, and organic, and in season.

I've tried a couple of different schemes before. With one I ended up with a huge amount of cabbages and kiwis. It was no joke in the end and I ended up giving them away on Freecycle! Not very thrifty but I'd had enough.

With another company, the box never arrived when it was due. Sometimes it would arrive late at night, sometimes the next day. but not really handy when you have been putting off going to the shops as you knew your order was going to be delivered whilst you were at work and left in your designated safe place. We didn't have any veg in so ended up with a takeaway. Also not very frugal or healthy either.!

But I'm happy with the veg box. very happy indeed.

This is this weeks box.


Oops! Manged to get G's shoes in shot there!

This a small salad box, 5kg of potatoes and an apple bag. Not bad for £20 delievered.

You can't see very well in the photo, but hiding in there are jerusalem artichokes, tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, red onions, celery, more potatoes, fennel, chinese leaf (I think!), beetroot, and an avocado.

I've been trying out loads of new vegetables and really enjoying it. Yesterday I ate avocado for the first time having tried guacamole and hating it years ago. but avocado on it's own is lovely!

Last week I made some pickled beetroot. I've got to wait a couple of weeks for it to be ready to eat but fingers crossed!

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