Sunday, January 27, 2013

TNA Maximum Impact - Nottingham Arena 24th January 2013

After waiting what seems like forever I went to see TNA Impact wrestling live at Nottingham arena on Thursday with Grom and my Dad!

Me and Grom

Me and my Dad!
I'd been to Nottingham arena before and knew to dress up warm. So I wore a skater style dress with leggings, a thick long cardi and a wide scarf that I could use as a shawl if I needed to.

Then I bought a hat.Yay!

Here the ring once they had set up the cage for the cage match. I have to say that this was the most disappointing part of a really good night. There were a few really good matches with loads of great names, but to use Sting and Kurt Angle for a dodgy match with Devon and DOC was rubbish. So much talent wasted.

However the other matches were great!

Chavo and Hernandex v Roode and Aries
Magnus and James Storm as a tag team
And RVD was excellent!

(Aren't Jeremy Borash and Austin Aries short in real life?) hehe...


  1. I go to the Capital FM arena all the time- we go to most of the Panthers games- was there on Sat and will be there tomorrow too. It's even colder when the ice is out ;)

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