Saturday, February 08, 2014

Photo a Day #39 - Batch Cooking

To make sure I stay away from takeaways and prepackaged food as much as possible I batch cook at the weekends and freeze it in portions.

At the back is vegetable stew (Using up 2 tubs of frozen beans I cooked in the slow cooker, some swede which had seen better days, some kale from the garden and some stock which was taken from some soup I made in the week as it was far too watery)

3 tubs of chick peas which I cooked in the slow cooker and are destined for the freezer. I bought dried peas from an Asian shop for pennies. No cans have to be recycled, and the packging is very minimal.

And some quiche which I like at the front cut into slices. These are going to the fridge to have with salad. The bottom layer is cous cous, and the top is pan fried veg mixed with cottage cheese and eggs.


And I went shopping to the market, Chinese supermarket, and health food shop too.

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