Sunday, February 23, 2014

Photo a Day #53 - Decluttering Books

I'm working through the books in the spare room to give us a bit more space. I bought a job lot of 500 random books on eBay for £20 when I had a Bookcrossing zone to look after but now I don't look after it, I'm working my way through them and seeing which books I want to keep, which ones are only good for crafting with, and which ones to send to a friend who looks after her own Bookcrossing shelf.

(A Bookcrossing shelf is a space in a public area where people can leave books for other people to pick up and take home to read free of charge)

I worked my way through 2 boxes of books yesterday but then ran out of labels to register them with. I ordered more and they are on their way so I can continue as soon as they arrive.

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  1. I always find it hard going through books to give away but always feel less guilty of they are going to a good cause. I also love the whole Bookcrossing idea.