Friday, February 14, 2014

Photo a Day #44 - Potato!

The pub music quiz has started doing a rather lovely buffet on a Thursday night which is very tempting, especially as they lay it ou on the able next to where we sit.

But aside from being lovely, it's lots of white bread whcih I try to avoid, and meaty things and I'm a vegetarian.

To resolve the issue of pub munchies, this week I took along 2 jacket potatoes in my cardian pocket (Handy hand warmers and to snack on like apples) and a  punnet of grapes.

It worked! I only had 2 baby onion bhajis and no white bread

And I learnt that other people don't use hot jacket potatoes as handwarmers when it is cold, or eat jacket potatoes without fillings on them as a snack.


  1. I read this last night and am still laughing at it this morning. I'm not sure what is funnier taking spuds as a bar snack, using them as hand warmers or being surprised that your approach is novel! But then I have little room to criticise as I know you know I am the woman who used a pant liner to sort a rattly door, so I think it is best if I just nod and accept we might both might be 'creative' sorts!

    1. I think you might just be right. We're good at thinking outside the box. hehe!

      Although apparently they did it in the book "Little Women". using potatoes as handwarmers that is, not eating them as bar snacks or creative panty liner usage. :)