Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Something Old Something New Blog Challenge - February

Is this the most boring photo ever?

I joined the "Something Old Something New" blog challenge and these are the UFOs I plan on finishing for this month. Hopefully I will finish more, but I'm aiming to get these done and ready to move into stock, my jewellery box, or gifted.

The piece with a button in is a felt brooch. It just needs the brooch pin sewing on. It's half sewn on. Why the heck haven't I finished it? It's been in this state for months!

The pearls is a right angle weave bracelet with no clasp on it and all it's nymo tails left loose.

The rope piece is a necklace I made for a blog challenge and I was really naughty and hid the ends without a clasp on for the finished photo!

And the earrings have tarnished and need their headpins replacing.

Never too hot to Stitch!


  1. Welcome to "Something Old, Something New". Good luck with your goals.