Monday, January 23, 2012

Busy Bee

I decided after a busy day yesterday at the Nottingham Bookcrossing meet that a chill out day was in order. Which means a busy crafting day instead. Wahey! I've been meaning to make another of my teaspoon (or rather mustard spoon) necklaces for a while but have been putting it off until I could give it my full attention. And today I've been able to do that. A major achievement!

It had sold by the time I got back to my computer with a request for the next one I made so I made yet another for the lady in question. I think I may make another to list on Etsy too since they seem to be in demand.

Update: That one has just sold too. Yay! I'm glad I like making them :) I've got another listed in my etsy shop now too.

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