Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seeds of a Different Kind

As the days start getting longer, my thought start going to the garden once again. I just hope I can do better than last year. I couldn't get out there as often as I could to water so things didn't prosper at all, and eventually everything dried up.

So when I saw the special offer on seeds at Thompson and Morgan via The Cottage Smallholders blog I had to take a nosey. And I'm glad I did as I had priced up some seeds that i fancied when I went to town a week ago and found the sale seeds were a bargain and placed my order. nothing too extravagant. Radish, Salad leaves, Runner Beans, Tomatoes, Carrots, Sunflowers and Rocket. I figure if I'm going to make an effort this year, I'm going to make my effort worthwhile by using new seeds instead of all the old out of date packets I usually use. (I'm going to plant the out of date ones anyway as they generally do grow, but the germination rate isn't great. Any spare seedlings are going to friends and family, and Freegle)

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