Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Sunday

Emotions have been pretty much wibbly today but got so much done this weekend.

I did over time at work on Saturday morning and when I got home I decided that cleaning the cupboard shelves was the most exciting thing in the world. Yes really. I emptied all the cupboards, cleaned the shelves and they sorted everything out, including the "newly brought into the house stuff courtesy of G's dad's house clearance" and put everything in a proper place. And now everything knows where it should "live" it is going to always go back there too.

I did have a bit of a brain fart on Saturday morning though. I forgot to go to work! Luckily I wasn't late but I totally forgot. I was totally absorbed in buying this.

Button Heart ring by The Crimson Moon

I'd put it on my January wishlist and when I had a browse around on Etsy on Saturday morning, I noticed it was half price Woohoo! And I got so excited I was 15 minutes late leaving for work. Oops!

Work went impressively well with nearly everything done for next weeks deadline so with that i started on the kitchen. I'm such a big hoarder that I quite surprised myself with my effort. However, Note to Self. Climbing in the kitchen cupboard is a bad idea. I don't fit and it hurts. Trying to reach for the cloth at the back of the cupboard probably wasn't worth it!

Steampunk Patchwork Heart by feralstrumpet 

I also noticed an amazing necklace whilst browsing Etsy and felt the need for more retail therapy. I just couldn't resist it. How gorgeous!

And as far as new projects go, I've done around 6 inches of a new crochet blanket in the same style as my last one, but a baby blanket size. I fancied something brainless to make but a quicker "win" than a full sized blanket. Should be fun!


  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry my ring nearly made you miss work! I didn't realise my stuff was that captivating, lol! Love the necklace too, I can see why you couldn't resist :)

    Now don't give me ideas about making another crochet blanket, the last one took me three years...

  2. They usually take me a year each but I can get a bit obsessed once I start going on one :)

    And the ring is great! I've received so many compliments about it already!