Friday, March 09, 2012

Coral Fossil and Swarovski - Challenge Bracelet #6!

I think I tempted fate when I said I thought I was getting ahead of myself with my bracelet challenge on January 19th as I haven't blogged a new bracelet since! I'm hoping to make a bracelet a week for the whole year.

And my latest one I've got round to taking a photograph of is here! A wire-wrapped coral fossil bead that was all lonely in the discard bin of a local warehouse. All of it's friends were scratched and broken, but I rescued him! Doesn't he look lovely. I wonder if other people given their beads a gender?

Coral Fossil and Swarovski Bracelet

I put him with some friends. Some burgundy Swarovski glass pearls, Preciosa glass pearls, and some new old plated findings.

I'm impressed by the result and think I'm going to make a few more composition pieces

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