Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Like the strange weird recycling hippy person that I am, I took advantage of the lovely weather on the Equinox to survey the estate (ie the back garden) with G and see what the plans are for this year.

DSC00589We emptied a few over grown pots which we didn't managed to do before the bad weather came in and found a great surprise! Potatoes!

Looks like I didn't managed to harvest them all last year and they took matters into their own hands.

A few of them were happily sprouting away so I covered them over again and left them to their own devices and added a few new seed potatoes to the potatoes bins to help the crop along a bit too.

Throughout the growing season I like to earth them up so we get extra crops. Every time there is 6" of growth above the surface, I add any compostables I can find to cover them over. Usually it is paper shredding mixed with soils from old plant pots, but I add a few other bits and bobs in there. Scraps of cotton fabric and old shredded towels that are way past their best and not suitable for upcycling, egg shells, snippets of wool, vegetable peelings etc. As long as it covers them over and will compost down then it's ok by me.

Whilst we were outside a little robin came to watch us. The creatures around here seem to be very tame. They seem to come out to say hello whenever we are around especially Mr and Mrs Blackbird, Robin, and Squirrel. The least I say about the pair of pigeons the better as they never seem to stop "showing their affection" for each other.

DSC00601And as a little homage to Robin I finished making this little chappy who has been waiting for a ribbon hanger for months!

He's hanging on our wipeboards which as you can see from the splodges on them are quite well used.

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