Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mexican Lace Agate Necklace

I seem to have been distracted from listing a necklace on Etsy. I got part way through listing it when I realised I couldn't remember what stone the focal bead was. I posted a photo and found out from some very talented friends, and was all ready to carry on with the listing.

Then I put it on and looked in the mirror. I couldn't list it! I kinda fell in love with it and now it is mine Mwahahaha!

It was my first piece of spiral rope I had made too. I was taught in my lunch hour by a friend at work and then just carried on going with it when I got home. Very relaxing to make! but then I realise that I had no bail the right size for it. Eventually I found one on Etsy on sale by an American seller who had imported them from Israel.

So I put the project to one side and waiting for the bail to arrive. It fitted the rope. Woohoo!

And then none of my findings matched the metal of the bail. Noooooo!!!!

So off to work I went in the morning and went through all the picking bins to see if I could match the colours. (A huge perk of working in a bead warehouse) And eventually I found something.

So I think I may have become a little attached to it and here it stays.

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  1. That is lovely - I don't blame you for keeping it for yourself!