Thursday, March 15, 2012

Freeform Peyote around Sea Pottery

Like a lot of people, one of my favourite days out is to the beach. However, I prefer to go somewhere which is gravelly and generally out of season when it is blustery and cold. A tradition I have is to go on Boxing day every year when it is nice and blustery and cold.

And I look for sea glass and sea pottery.

I've been keeping it safe for when I had a project to use it in and I finally found a way to use it! I've been reading Beverly Ash Gilbert's blog fora  while and couldn't resist buying her book "Beaded Colourways"

I had a flick through to see what I fancied having a go at first, then a bit of a read, and saw the gorgeous pieces using sea glass and found pieces in jewellery making and decided that it was time to drag out some of my sea pottery.

I'm quite happy how it turned out.  To be honest I was going to list it for sale on Etsy but it's another one of those pieces that I'm not sure I can bear parting with. Oops!


  1. What a lovely idea! I'll look for sea glass when we go to Yorkshire soon...

  2. Sea glass has a life of its own. Sadly my collection got lost in one of my house moves.

  3. Lovely pendant. I must ask you for tips on making a pendant out of a crystal I bought. I tried wire wrapping but I'm hopeless at it and the crystal will probably fall out!

  4. By the way, I got an error when I posted the last comment but it worked anyway!

  5. Will help however I can. Do you have a picture of it Lisa?

    And you aren't the first to say that the comments feature is doing weird stuff. I can't figure out what's up with it though :( I'm still trying to sort it out though.