Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Free Weekend...

Well not quite. We had 4 invitations for things to do on Saturday. But the week was pretty stressful we stayed at home. (I always know how stressed out we've been by how many days we haven't crossed off the calendar. 12 days not crossed off. Quite a biggie)

Every since G's dad passed away our house has been filling up with bits and pieces. And to be honest, I'm such a hoarder in the first place there wasn't that much room to put things in anyway.

We found a dog rescue centre that was looking for blankets and bedding so the 4 bins bags full that were siting in the car had a good home to go to. Only problem was the limited opening hours, but we woke up in time to get there so all 4 bags were donated in person along with a carrier bag of cleaning fluids which they said they could use as well.

So as a treat I decided that we'd visit the local farm shop to buy our veg instead of going into town. Some days I really don't want to have to deal with crowds and the farm shop seemed to be a great alternative, with the added benefit of buying British grown food too.


Not bad for £6! And everything was in paper bags too (apart from the cucumber and lettuce) so I have some bags I can throw my vegetable peelings into which can be thrown straight into the composter.

Next G took advantage of the sunshine and mowed the front and back lawns. They have gone a bit loopy since I scattered weed and feed on them a couple of months ago. I took the quiet time as an opportunity to do a bit of beading for my Bead Soup Blog Hop challenge.

Then today, I sat in the garden on a blanket and did some reading.

First I finished a book I've been reading for a while.


Then a cartoony type book. It made me cry!


And then two Choose your own adventure books. I used to read them as a kid, so when I saw these ones at a bookcrossing meet I just had to pick them up and bring them home with me.


Then in the spirit of my decluttering, I listed them as available on Bookmooch to see if anyone else wanted to read them who I could do a trade with.


  1. Penny was from Hathern Dog Rescue :) And I used to have that Goosebumps book (amongst many others) when I was a kid!

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  3. I LOVE Ethel and Ernest, I must dig out our copy and reread!