Saturday, August 04, 2012

Thrift Store Blog Hop Reveal!

I hope you all had a good time with my first blog hop. I think I might try running another in the not too distant future so keep your eyes peeled!

For my item I bought these from a Cancer hospice shop for 50p each. They are little ornamental masks I found in the junk bin.


I have no idea why I bought these. For a start I am scared of clowns and these sat in the kitchen staring at me creepily until I gave them a few coats of acrylic paint.

I painted one a deep rusty brown, and the other a very dark green. They both needed a few coats to cover the clowns face paint.

Then time for a design! I thought of a few different themes. A green man seed beaded bib style necklace, a voodoo shrunken head style wall plaque.

But ended up going with HR Giger.

And my meek little sketch in comparison? *laughs*

So next I drilled holes using my pin vice. I've used one of these on a silver art clay course before and knew I needed to have one "just in case" but this is the first time I'd used mine at home.

I drilled 4 holes through the mask which is made from a white plaster of paris type substance. I went fora  small hole to begin with, and then kept increasing the size of the drill bit until it was 2.3mm so fit my 2mm aluminium wire.

I threaded the wire through the holes and made spirals using the lovely nylon jawed pliers which I was bought for Christmas. And promptly broke off one of the nylon coverings. Oops!

Then with some silver wire, wire wrapped Czech glass AB faceted emerald glass and some pale green Chinese crystal rondelles down each side piece.

After finishing both side pieces, I wrapped the whole item around a lynx deodorant can to get it's shape!

Hope you like the finished piece. I most certainly do!

Don't forget to visit everyone else who is hopping today to see how they have got on with the challenge. :)

And as a thankyou for participating, I'm going to send a special bead soup type challenge pack out to someone who took part. I'd love it if you blogged about what you made though. If you are hopping and would like to enter my giveaway, shout out! (open internationally)

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Edited to add:

So sorry I missed you from the list!


  1. What a great thrift shop redo!!! It's not nearly as creepy once it's all the same color. What are you doing with the other?? :D Can't wait to see! Thanks for hostessing such a fun hop!

  2. Really creative! That little mask came a long way! Thanks so much for hosting this fun event!

  3. @Keri I'm not sure yet. I've drilled two holes on the sides of his forehead so he might end up as being the focal piece for wire wrapped necklace.

    @Sharyl He did have a little journey didn't he?

    And thankyou both so much for taking part so I didn't look like a billy no mates. *lol*

  4. Hi, thanks for hosting this challenge, I really enjoyed it. Your masks look so different and much better, the transformation is great!
    I posted a bit late, didnt realise blogger was having difficulty with my pictures but all there now.
    Deb x

  5. No worries. I figure it's a 24 hour window :)

    And thanks for your lovely comments and joining in. I was quite scared of being a billy no mates.

  6. The mask looks really different, it's also seems of a different, more natural material.

    This was a great blog hop, it wasn't always fun as I was really stuck with my item, but I really enjoyed it.

    Thank you for such a great idea!


    *SHOUT* This is for the giveaway.

  7. I too avoid clowns, but you made a very cool bracelet, I might have painted one half black and half white like a harlequin. Nice job & thanks for hosting I had a great time!

  8. Thanks for hosting and having me in the blog hop (my first one) ... love what you did - he sort of reminds me of an alien (I'm such a space nerd lol) ... love your inspiration too, HR Giger is awesome =)

  9. Wow you did great! Very clever and pretty. So glad it didn't break whilst drilling as you feared. You forgotted me off the hop list *cries in corner* but I forgive you lol

  10. I saw several little masks like that and never thought about using them... but clowns creep me out too >.< Nice work :D

    Sorry about your pliers, but congrats on getting to use your vice :D

    Your challenge was great fun, despite about half of us were all 'last minute lassies' lol

  11. I'm with the crowd - clowns are creepy. You made a wonderful turn around on this piece. I think it takes courage to drill plaster too, I wouldn't of attempted itbut I'll have to think twice next time. Thanks so much for the great hop, I'm just getting mine up now and hope to get around to everyone this afternoon.

  12. I love what you did with the mask.. I don't think I would have picked those because I too am deathly scared of clowns..(thanks to pennywise from IT) I also wanted to thank you for hosting this hop. This was my very first one EVER. I am a newbie to the whole beading and wire world. So You were my first.. lol Thanks again.

  13. I congratulate you, I would have passed those masks right on by when I saw them! I don't do faces at all in my jewelry, so I admire folks who can. This has been great fun to see the creations! Great idea.

    I was not on the list of participants. But I signed up.

    BTW - love your redesign!!!

  15. Whoa...very cute but still a bit scarey. The design and beadwork are great! Loved the blog hop idea thanks for hosting!

  16. Thank you for hosting this challenge! Your interpretation of the mask is Awesome! Yes, a little scary, but it has to go with the right person wearing the right outfit. Now to get my stuff posted - late, sorry!

  17. @Chicandfrog I considered painting more layers of acrylics to liked the effect of the paint strokes. :) Sorry you were stuck with your item. I guess sometimes it all comes together and some times we have big challenges. It took me until the day before the blog hop to get mine to work itself out.

    @Thecreativeklutz You should have seen him when I painted him lime green! He looked very alien-like then. But the original paint job showed through so I went for the darker green instead.

  18. @jojosbeads I know! Unbelievable wasn't it? I missed someone else out too. I thought I'd sorted all the links out before people started hopping but they were obviously more prepared than I was and had captured the list before I had got the links sorted. Oops! I guess I now for next time.

    @Skye Can't believe I left mine so late and then messed up the links! I guess I've learned a lesson for next time.

  19. @Apolymerpechant I can't believe so many of us are creeped out by clowns *lol* The pin vice was pretty easy to use as it's just like an awl with a drill bit but I still went for the baby step option and went fora tiny hole first then kept stepping up the thickness of the drill bit until the hole was big enough for the wire to thread through.

    @Micheladas yes! Pennywise from It was the first one to creep me out too as far as I remember. But as a kid I never really liked people in big animal costumes so I guess it comes from there too. And well done on your first hop! Hope my hiccups didn't spoil any of the fun for you. It was the first one I have run.

  20. @Shirley. Cheers!

    @Dyanne Sorry for not including you. I'd edited my entry and added you now. Hoe it didn't spoil your fun too much

    @Shelley Hope it's a kind of fun scary as opposed to big time creepy. And thanks for joining in :)

  21. @Beti Don't worry about it and hope you had fun!

  22. What a great idea for a bracelet!

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