Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I Got an Award!

The lovely Liz from http://lizmakesit.blogspot.co.uk/ gave me an award! The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award:

And as the award goes, I have to nominate 5 other people to get this award and says 7 things about myself.

I nominate:-

Jo's Bunkem for her services to making shiny things

Sandy at http://skyescreativechaos.blogspot.co.uk/ For her services to keeping blogs running with her great challenges

Rachell at http://thelittleroomofrachell.wordpress.com/  for the speed in which she mastered crocheting

Rachel at http://adressisforlife.blogspot.co.uk/ for the pretty clothes that she reviews

Angela at http://ohsheglows.com/ for the food porn and great recipes.

I'm not too sure what type of stuff people would like to know about me. I onyl really write about what I've made recently so here goes!

  1. I work for a  bead company packing orders in the warehouse and making kits at the moment, but I have done numerous random jobs. I have sold botox, worked in a factory making toilet seats for elderly and disabled people, been a barmaid, made pom poms, been a dressmaker, and a bookseller.
  2. I am addicted to making things and learning new crafts. 
  3. If a book or film is popular, then it puts me off being interested in it. There are so many less publicized works out there that deserve love.
  4. I can't remember the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek apart from the font of their logo.
  5. I hoard things because one day they will  "come in handy"
  6. I used to be a Brown Owl and have been an adult leader with Rainbows, Brownies, and Girl Guides. I'm a qualified play leader for the age group 4 to 15.
  7. When I'm stressed out, I crochet blankets. Big double sized bed blankets in one piece which are the warmest blankets ever and will make me go to sleep even if nothing else will.
Anything I missed that you'd like to know?

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