Thursday, August 02, 2012

Extra Servings of Bead Soup!

My lovely friend Jo at Jojosbeads had a problem with her bead soup from her partner. It never arrived either!

What is happening with the post at the moment? That's 2 bead soups that have gone missing, and a parcel arrived with my from Canada before parcels sent at the same time from Canada arrived in Canada! Although the bead soup I sent to my partner arrived on the day i sent the replacement. Sods law eh?

So I made Jo a bead soup so she can join in in case her soup never arrives.

I took my colour scheme from a pendant i salvage from a vintage pair of earrings.

Purple Rattail
Silver 3 strand clasp
Turquoise dyed freshwater pearls
Purple ribbon
Turquoise ribbon
Dyed blue lapis
Royal blue seed beads
Cream acrylic rose cabochons

The dyed lapis was quite lively! It wouldn't stay still on the table and kept rolling everywhere!


  1. Aren't you the nicest one! What a very thoughtful thing to do! Looks like a great soup too! Well done!

  2. On a side note: Looking forward to your thrift shop challenge Sat! Finished my project, took photos, now to put my page together!

  3. Thanks Sharyl! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has done with their challenge. I'm just about to crack on with mine once we've eaten our tea.

  4. You are a darling! And I am so grateful :) I am fretting terribly in case it does not turn up. You have saved me! I shall make something with your soup and if the other one turns up, I'll make with that too so I 'may' end up with 2 on reveal day lol Thank you xx