Thursday, August 09, 2012

What I sent my Blog Hop Partner take two!

The first parcel of Bead soup didn't arrive with my partner. BooHoo!

(Edited to add. it has arrived. Woohoo! but on the day I sent the replacement bead soup. Typical huh?)

So I made a new bead soup to ship out. The wonderful Lori let us change our blog hop date so that my partner had enough time to create her piece with the new bead soup and we could still be on the same blog hop date.

And here's the new bead soup I sent out!

Orange cats eye glass hearts

Orange crackle glass beads in various sizes

A silver 3 strand clasp

Dyed yellow feathers. I just love the markings on these!

A pendant focal from a vintage piece of jewellery I dismantled.

Large acrylic leaves (I know my partner doesn't work with acrylic much so put in a curveball which isn't an essential item to use to complete the blog hop)

And a bag of extras not pictured here to make up for my first parcel going AWOL.


  1. You are such a sweetie for sending out a second batch of soup. Thank You so much!

  2. Is this your bead soup? Are you in this reveal? I'm confused

  3. I was in this reveal, but the soup I sent took 3 weeks to arrive by airmail so Lori changed me and my partner to the final reveal date.

    After waiting 3 weeks for my soup to arrive with my partner, I sent a second soup to her (This one) and my first arrived the same day as I posted this one. Typical eh?