Monday, November 05, 2012

Customer Service Tips

Something very interesting happened at Whitby. I got both ends of the customer service spectrum.

One lady was lovely. She said hello and smiled when we approached her stall. Not pushy but friendly. There were too many people around for me to feel comfortable to have a  proper browse of her stall so I took a card so I could have a look at her items online when I hadn't got to worry about people pushing into us.

Then we went into a different room where I was looking at some really nice bracelets. They had the most gorgeous gemstones with silver and a bit of crystal. Quite pricey, but the gems were the greatest quality and one of the bracelet was purple. Bonus!

And then the stall holder spoke to me.

"They are all silver and gemstones. The crystal is Swarovski. No plastic crap."

'Scuse me?

I felt my blood start to boil and answered, "I think you ought to check what jewellery the person you are taking to is wearing before you say that." and gestured to my gorgeous bag charm which I take everywhere with me.

No way I was going to buy off such a  rude lady. She lost herself a sale.

And I went back to the friendly lady and bought a necklace even though I don't really need a necklace because  I wanted her to know that she was great. And the necklace I have is lovely and it turns out we have a friend in common and sell our jewellery in the same shop in Leeds! Life's Big Canvas in Birds Yard

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