Sunday, November 04, 2012

Seaching for a Property

I think I've moved past being addicted to looking for our ideal property to buy and into a different realm altogether.

We've been looking on an off for a while now. We're been to two auctions. The first one we were outbid by miles. The second not as much but it would have been a lot of work to get the house suitable for lving in. It had a tree growing through the roof and one growing through the window. And I don't just mean the gap where the glass should have been!

Any time we go anywhere now, if we see a for sale sign on somewhere that looks like it might be suitable, then I'm on the computer as soon as I get in to see if it's within our price range. This happenend again last night.

We went to Whitby for the day to the Goth weekend. I bought some great shoes.

I already have a pair of these in a size 5 but I'm really a size 6 but I didn't want to get rid of them until I had found some in my real size. And now I have. Woohoo! I'll be putting my size 5s on ebay asap to free up some more room.

Anyway... There was a lovely derelict pub in what G likes to call "the arse end of nowhere". That's my favourite location for properties. If you can see another house in the estate agents photo then it's automatically crossed off the list. If it has grass down the centre of the road it gets bous points. One of the houses we went to auction to bid on didn't even have a road. it was just 1km of field.

(I may be lying when I say "we went to auction to bid". I went to the first auction but I don't do adrenalin. I hate it. So now G goes on his own and I hit zombies on facebook and wait for a text to let me know the news)

So where was I? Ah.yes. The derelict pub was lovely. No windows but it did have a roof. "arse end of nowhere". In the middle of the moors to be honest. And also had a little cottage attached to it.

Then when we get home, it turns out it's "POA" Price on Application.

And as my usual saying goes, if it has no price on it, then I can't afford it :(

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  1. I saw the title and the picture and (before I read) wondered if you were going to live in a shoe like in the nursery rhyme ;)