Friday, November 16, 2012

Goals for the Week

  1. Make some brooches (3rd week on list)
  2. Make new bracelet display board
  3. Make new brooch display board
  4. Make £4 bracelets
  5. Tidy Kitchen
  6. Cook!
  7. List amethyst Necklace on Etsy
Ooh!  Not bad. And to be honest the kitchen has been worse.

I wasn't able to list the amethyst necklace on Etsy as I sold it last week so need to make another amethyst necklace before I can list it *laughs*

As you can probably tell from the list I have another craft fair this weekend. Tomorrow in Aslockton, Nottingham. I've never been to the venue before and my sense of direction is diabolical. Thankfully G is coming with me again.

We manage to get the new display stands made this evening whilst being zombies from work. Lets hope they work out well tomorrow.

And speaking of Zombies. We're off to look a plot of land on Sunday if all goes well.It's just a whim but I noticed it was up for auction and within commuting distance. No derelict house on the plot, but it looks really good for defending our house when the zombie apocalypse comes. I can't be alone thinking that planning for zombies is a good thing. Anyone else been watching Doomsday Preppers. I love it!

And for next week

  1. More £4 bracelets
  2. Chill out! (I have a week off work)
  3. Visit the shop
  4. Finish reading a book
  5. Sort the living room out
  6. Make progress on the secret masterplan
  7. List at least one item on ebay

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