Saturday, November 10, 2012

Goals for the week

  1. Find a geocache (2nd week on list)
  2. Make Amethyst bracelet and necklace (2nd week on list)
  3. Get up to date with swapbot swaps (2nd week on list)
  4. Make some brooches (2nd week on list)
  5. Make the alien bracelet
  6. Tidy Bedroom
  7. Put tax disc in car
Well that all went tits up didn't it?

This week went totally to pot! I spent a lot of time dealing with swapbot swaps, posting out sales, and posting out bookmooch books. I hardly got any of my list done at all! Plus work had been manically busy and I went out 2 evenings this week and have a craft fair today!

(Lowdham Community Centre, Nottingham, England, 10 til 3 for anyone local. if you see me, please say hello :) )

Lets try again with a new list.

  1. Make some brooches (3rd week on list)
  2. Make new bracelet display board
  3. Make new brooch display board
  4. Make £4 bracelets
  5. Tidy Kitchen
  6. Cook!
  7. List amethyst Necklace on Etsy
How did your week go?


  1. Tits up as well. Almost completely splatted through pain and fatigue. Although I did get out with TCV last Thurs.

    For this coming week:
    * Catch up with the washing up
    * Replace the substrate in Epona's viv
    * Hoover the stairs
    * Tidy the bathroom
    * Smooth the thumb stick and fit a ferrule to the bottom
    * Find my nearest unfound Geocache

    1. We managed to totally catch up with the washing up this week. It was so satisfying :)

      Good luck!