Saturday, November 24, 2012

Goals for the week

  1. More £4 bracelets
  2. Chill out! (I have a week off work)
  3. Visit the shop
  4. Finish reading a book
  5. Sort the living room out
  6. Make progress on the secret masterplan
  7. List at least one item on ebay
Hmm... Not exactly what I had planned for my week off but not too bad. I didn't get any reading done at all really apart from a couple of pages of the Big Issue that I bought on Thursday.

However, I did get a bit of the living room done, bought a new mattress and got it delivered, went to the opticians for an eye test, did the shopping and finished a commission piece.

Commission Piece

And G took the old mattress to the dump today which is great.

Craft fair this afternoon. *fingers crossed*

Goals for next week

  1. Survive the day job. It's going to be so busy!
  2. Book at least one stall for next year
  3. Carry on the secret masterplan
  4. Send more bracelets to Life's Big Canvas
  5. Christmas presents!
  6. Post bookmooch books
  7. Make Amethyst necklace

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