Friday, November 02, 2012

Goals for the Week

  1. List a new item on Etsy
  2. Find a geocache
  3. Dye my roots (Third time on the list!)
  4. Put new clasp on Fluorite bracelet (Third time on list!)
  5. Make Amethyst bracelet and necklace
  6. Get up to date with swapbot swaps
  7. Make some brooches
First item done on list was listing a new item on etsy. I managed to list  a few and get up to 81 items in stock!

Skull Mobile Phone Charm
Recycled Button Necklace and Bracelet Set
4 parcels sent to swapbot members.
1 parcel sent to an ebay buyer

A couple of long term items completed from the list which is nice.

Next week!

  1. Find a geocache (2nd week on list)
  2. Make Amethyst bracelet and necklace (2nd week on list)
  3. Get up to date with swapbot swaps (2nd week on list)
  4. Make some brooches (2nd week on list)
  5. Make the alien bracelet
  6. Tidy Bedroom
  7. Put tax disc in car

1 comment:

  1. I love your lists too! It helps motivate me to know that other people are reading what I am trying to get done! Gonna go follow you so that I can see what you are planning on doing!